POLL: Barking About the Dog Rage

The dog rage is everywhere.

Seems as if more and more stores are allowing customers to bring their dogs with them as they shop.  Not just service dogs, but any and all dogs.

The stores call it being dog friendly.  There are even a few cafes and restaurants that are dog friendly. Sometimes whole shopping malls are dog friendly, like UTC here in San Diego.

And at grocery stores, you see people with their dogs walking along with them, most of the time on a leash, with some putting their dogs in the shopping cart or in their arms if it’s one of those little dogs.

If you ask a store employee why they allow dogs into their store, you will normally get a shrug or maybe they’ll even say, well we don’t, but you know, or maybe, okay I will let the manager know about your complaint.

So if you’re a shopper who likes to shop without shopping with dogs, you don’t walk into stores or other places that advertise or have a sign that says your dog is welcome.

But most stores don’t have any signs about dogs or no dogs, so you never really when you will run into a dog until you do.

There are dog lovers who know a dog’s place is not inside a store but in a car or at left at home.  But for other dog lovers, it’s like suggesting you leave your kid in the car and at home.

Stores, shops and cafes need to clearly post their policy about dogs on the front door, so that way you can make the choice as a customer to turn around and shop somewhere else instead getting inside the store and have to bark about it.

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