POLL: Living in a Hashtag World and What to Do About It

Have you ever seen as much on Facebook, Twitter and other social media about politics than you do these days?

You thought there was a lot during the presidential campaign last year and there was.

But now four months after the election and two months after the inauguration, there seems to be more Facebook posts and tweets about politics than there has ever been.

Some will say that’s because we’ve never had a president quite like this before, someone who uses Twitter to communicate and promote and spout off.

Who would have guessed that a guy in his 70’s would be the president who would know how to use social media so effectively to get his message out?

But maybe President Trump is more of a product of social media than a pioneer in it.

As social media has grown with almost everyone on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat or some other cyber chat site, maybe something has led us to where we are today.

And could that something be an aversion to actual conversation and face to face talks with each other?

Have we become victims of our social media habits?  Like clicking the Like button on Facebook.  Learning how to tweet with just 140 characters and a snappy hashtag.  Using emoji’s and selfies in our on line messages.

Has social media caused us to evolve and change the way we communicate and even the way we relate to each other?

Maybe it’s time we have some real conversations about that.  

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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