Becoming Alert About Amber Alerts

If you’re a parent, there’s nothing more frightening than the thought of your child disappearing.

We’ve all been in a store or at a park or even in our own neighborhood where there are those few moments or even some very long few minutes when we can’t find one of our kids. We know the feeling.

And with that case out of Escondido just this week of a man arrested for trying to lure girls into his car, parents were reminded again of the dangers out there sometimes.

So when an Amber Alert is issued and the loud tone on our cell phones goes off, it gets our attention.  And most of us do pay attention.

And that’s a good thing because law enforcement experts say that when a child goes missing, getting the word out quickly can be critical to finding them.

And most often missing children are found   and the Amber Alert program helps them do that. 

Not only can you get the tone alerts on your phone, information about any vehicle involved in the disappearance of a child is flashed on Cal Trans signs on the freeway and information is on the radio and on TV.

So the Amber Alert is a system that usually works well and does help find missing kids.

If you’re not signed up to get alerts on your phone, you should.

And when that loud tone and message on the radio or TV comes across, turn it up, not down.

An Amber Alert can also serve as an effective reminder to all of us who are parents to teach our children to be alert and to know what to do just in case of stranger danger.    

(Photo Credit Getty Images)

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