Can San Diego Padres Managing Partner Hit Home Run for Homeless?

The San Diego Padres may not have the greatest players in Major League Baseball, but they may have one of the greatest managing partners of an MLB team.

That is if you consider that being a great executive of a team that calls San Diego home is more than just being a guy who knows just about baseball.

There was a great piece in the San Diego Union Tribune this weekend about this guy, Peter Seidler, the managing partner for the Padres.

The team may not win a lot of games this season as the re-build, but the city of San Diego could end up winning anyway because of this guy.

Longtime county Supervisor Ron Roberts calls Seidler a civic gem.

The Union Tribune’s Bryce Miller calls Seidler a game changer.

The Padres managing partner gets the praise for what he is doing about a big problem in the city and that’s the homeless problem.

If you go to Petco Park, you see the problem.  The number of homeless living on the streets downtown has grown, by a lot in recent years. And while there are organizations that help the homeless and there have been and are proposals that are talked about when it comes to solving the homeless problem, the problem is not better.

And after reading this latest report by the Union Tribune, you get the feeling that this guy who’s the managing partner of the Padres could be the guy who actually could end up making something happen.

He apparently walks the streets downtown, talks to the homeless and is a key part of meetings with leaders in the community about the homeless.

When it comes to solving the homeless problem, Seidler is quoted as saying:  It takes diligence and focus and execution.”

 Sounds like a confident baseball player who knows how to win. Maybe the Padres managing partner can do the same for the homeless in San Diego.

(photo credit 10News)

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