POLL: What Do You Most Like About San Diego?

Every so often despite the busy lives we can lead and how our daily jobs can keep us away from enjoying the things around us comes a day when you can take advantage of some of the things that make living in San Diego so great.

And while not to dismiss our weather as a great reason for living here, there are other things too, a lot of things.

And having spent one day this week at one of them, you learn a new appreciation for these things and places that make San Diego great.

Balboa Park is one of those places.

Having had the chance to be there this week, visiting one of the many museums and walking around to see some of the other attractions and just the plain beauty of the place, it does make you realize that everyone should spend some time there,

All of this probably sounds like it should be a commercial from the San Diego Tourism Authority.

But that’s not the reason for the comments.

It’s just that when you hear so much in the news about some of the problems we have in San Diego, from the homeless to housing prices and from traffic to taxes, it can obscure all the great things about living here.

And it can become easy to complain about the things that don’t matter all that much from the Chargers leaving to the Padres losing.

And then we can forget about the vibrant place San Diego is.  Not many cities even come close to San Diego.  And while that doesn’t mean we don’t work to make it better, it does mean that sometimes it’s time to come back home even when you’re already here.

(Took this photo that features one of my grandsons, Aidan)

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