POLL: Should Brown Be Back for Padres?

The Major League Baseball season is only a week old and the Padres have already won three games.  While a record of 3 wins and 4 losses would normally not be a reason for optimism, for the Padres it is.

And fans over the weekend were already talking about those pre-season predictions and why maybe they will be wrong.  At least that’s what some of the buzz during the weekend series with the Giants at Petco Park.

But even more of the buzz seemed to be about the Padres’ uniforms. 

They wore their throw-back brown and yellow uniforms on Opening Day last Friday and there was a lot of talk about why maybe the team should go back to the brown scheme uniform every day.

We did find out over the weekend that Padres owners are getting underway with a study and some research to find out if that’s the direction they want to go for team uniforms.

Talking to fans over the weekend, you get the feeling a lot of them like the ideas

Maybe that’s because the only thing the Padres blue scheme uniforms have reminded the fans of is the blues they’ve had over too many recent losing seasons.

The Padres have had a variation of brown and yellow and brown and white uniforms at times over the years, but maybe with a new young team and a new bold player development plan, it’s time for a statement to be made.

That brown is back and so are the Padres, at least on their way back anyway.

(Photo Getty Images)

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