POLL: United Airlines: The Whole World is Watching

So what is the lesson that will come out of the case of the dragged passenger on an overbooked United Airlines flight?

There’s been lots of talk about it among other airline companies and how they handle similar situations.  Will it lead to changes in over booking policies?

There’s also been a lot of talk among public relations experts and how United’s handling of the incident was not good.  Will it lead to changes in the way companies manage their messaging to the public?

There’s also been a lot of talk among security people about how not to allow a bad situation to get out of control.  Will there be changes in airline security procedures?

There’s also been lots of talk among politicians and public officials about overbooking policies and other business practices.  Will there be changes in business regulations?

And then there’s also been a lot of talk without even really realizing it about what could be a lesson that comes out of this that’s a product of modern technology.

You see, what everyone has been talking about is what everyone saw for themselves, thanks to the whole thing being caught on cell phone video, a video that has now been seen by millions.

The lesson of United Airlines dragged passenger in today’s mobile device filled culture?  It’s that very little that happens on a plane or in a store or at the office or on the street or almost anywhere is not within sight of a cell phone and in a matter of minutes can be spread on social media like a virus.

And the only cure for that may be to make sure you think twice before doing something that the whole world could be watching.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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