NEWS POLL: Headlines and Hope

USS Carl Vinson Arrives in South Korea

When you see headlines that read “Can the Unthinkable Happen in North Korea?” it can make you feel a little uneasy to imagine that anything as disastrous as the use of a nuclear weapon could happen anywhere in the world?

Weren’t those days supposed to be decades behind us?  The days of worrying about those kinds of scary scenarios during an age we used to call the Cold War?

But it’s clear that a lot of people have taken notice of what’s been going on and are thinking about it.

When asked how she was doing, a friend this Easter weekend replied “well, at least we’re still here.”

Most of us still have vivid memories of where we were on September 11th 2001 and we all know that the war on terror could take decades to win, and we all see the human tragedies in Syria and other places around the world.

So we know that danger exists in the world but when it comes to what’s going on in North Korea and the fears of what an irrational government leader may be thinking, it can put people a little on edge.

And here in San Diego, the feelings may be a little more apparent because the ships that have been sent to the Korean Peninsula are homeported here.

But you hear many in the military and their families actually showing less worry and more confidence.  They say that with a stronger U.S. military, we are safer than we have been.

That’s certainly something everyone would hope for especially after just celebrating the Easter holiday, a day that’s supposed to be all about hope.

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