NEWS POLL: The Mission Valley Controversy

If you’ve driven by it, it is sure to remind you of how strange and even ridiculous it has been since the owner of the Chargers decided to leave for L-A.

There it is, just off the 15 a bit north of Qualcomm stadium, the big complex complete with big offices and big practice fields that says on the outside, San Diego Chargers.  Charger Park as it was called.

And while you see it, you know that it is actually now the former home of the former San Diego Chargers, or the current temporary practice home for the now Los Angeles Chargers because the team’s new practice fields in L-A are not ready yet.

And when you drive by it, it may make you nostalgic or it may make you angry over what has happened.

And then you may think about what has happened since the team Union Tribune columnist Nick Canepa calls the “Judases” betrayed San Diego and left for what Charger haters may be hoping is a hanging up in L-A.

And if you were thinking that proposals for the Qualcomm stadium site would help us get over the hit we took to our city’s sports reputation by losing an NFL team, the road ahead appears to be getting bumpy.

While the so-called soccer city plan is headed for the ballot this fall and has some support at City Hall, there are supporters and people at San Diego State who are not very crazy about the plan and there are others in the community who say the soccer city plan is not the right one for San Diego and it’s just more small town thinking.

The controversy over the Chargers is over, but the controversy over what’s next is not.

(Photo credit 10News)

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