Is President Really Leaving the First Lady Behind?

Fake News or Real News? President Trump gets criticized about a lot of things and he may or may be getting used to it.  But all presidents learn that they have to.

But you have to wonder how he’s reacting to what some of his critics are saying about the way they say he treats his wife, First Lady Melania Trump.

Twitter is abuzz with pictures of President Trump leaving his wife behind.

The photos show Donald Trump letting Melania come down the stairs of Air Force One for instance, with the president at the bottom of the stairs greeting and handshaking folks on the tarmac while the First Lady is still only halfway down the stairs by herself.

The twitter posts include photos of former Presidents Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan with their wives and how they compare to the ones with Donald Trump and Melania Trump.   The Obamas and Reagans are side by side or one right in front of the other.

There’s also a video out there of Trump getting out of the limo at the White House to greet the Obamas on inauguration today and how he leaves Melania behind in the car to get out herself.  One twitterer suggests: love him or hate him; it’s not how a gentleman treats his wife.

And some etiquette experts are chiming in saying the way President Trump leaves his wife behind is a sign of disrespect and of someone who is caught up with themselves and that he should model better behavior to other husbands.

The president may or may not even be aware of all this and it could be just his critics stirring up things. But chances are when their son is done with school this spring, and the First Lady moves into the White House with her husband, she will probably have some advice for the president.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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