NEWS POLL: Why Politicians Can't Hear What They Need to Hear

You hear a lot of about our country being more divided than ever when it comes to politics.

And that’s probably not a surprise because if you’re like most people, you see it in your own life, at work, among friends and even at home at times.

And sure enough the latest polls show we are divided.  With a little over half saying they don’t approve of Donald Trump’s performance as president so far and just under half saying they do approve of what he’s doing so far.

And while we are split on the job the President is doing, we agree on one thing, that neither political party is doing a very good job.

An ABC/Washington Post poll found that close to two thirds of Americans think both the Republican and the Democratic parties are out of touch with the concerns of Americans.

And that shouldn’t be a surprise given the fact that both sides are better at criticizing each other than getting anything done about the concerns of Americans.

What most Americans see is what always happens.  A Republican president comes out with a plan and the Democrats blast it and try to block it.

And when a Democratic president comes out with a plan, the Republicans blast it and try to block it. One party of no becomes the other party of no.

And neither side says yes, let’s listen to the voices out there that say stop attacking each other and work out a plan and get something done.  But then when you’re busy yelling at each other, it’s hard to hear anything else.


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