San Diego Law Enforcement Getting Terrorist Attack Training

Firefighters, law enforcement officers and other emergency personnel will begin a two-day training exercise today in which they'll practice responding to a terrorist attack, active shooter or explosive device scenario in San Diego.

Dozens of local, state and federal agencies will take part in the emergency exercise -- touted as the largest of its kind held in the region. Plans for the training were in the works for more than a year.   The first session will get underway is Wednesday morning at the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Training Facility near Lindbergh Field. 

First responders will work to decontaminate mock victims after the detonation of an improvised explosive device and a so-called dirty bomb, which is designed to spread radioactive material. They will also practice their response to a mock active shooter scenario.

The exercise will continue Thursday in Carlsbad and at the Port of San Diego. County officials said increased police and firefighter presence may be seen in the areas.

Photo Provided By Getty Images 

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