What Airlines Are Doing About Barking Mad Passengers

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You don’t have to be paying too much attention to the news to know that the airlines have been facing criticism the last few months.

The airlines are used to dealing with people who complain about flight delays and carry-on luggage, even crying babies. But the criticism grew when airport police at O’Hare in Chicago dragged that doctor off an overbooked plane after he refused to take another flight earlier this year.

And then there were other incidents on board planes, all of them caught on cell phone video, of quarrels with flight attendants and even a fistfight among a couple of passengers.

But this latest incident aboard a passenger plane that we have reported on this week about the service dog that mauled a San Diego bound passenger on a Delta flight out of Atlanta. 

The reports say the dog was a sizable one and was sitting with his owner in a middle seat and the dog bit the guy in the window seat.

This incident has raised new concerns about some more airline policies.

They have to do with animals on board in the passenger compartment of commercial flights.

Airlines have had to always have rules and regulations when it comes to flying with pets and where they can be and in what kind of container they need to be in.

But with seemingly more passengers now who have service dogs or therapy dogs, it’s time for the airlines to come up with better ways to help the animal owners without  them and their animals affecting the paying human passengers.

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