Will San Diego Be Winner in Battle at City Hall?

San Diego waterfront cliff albert


The Chargers probably never expected what would happen after the owner decided to split for L-A.  And he probably never even thought about it.  

In fact what would happen in San Diego after he left was probably the last thing on his mind.  He abandoned the city that loved his team for more than five decades and probably didn’t even give it a thought.

And at City Hall, Mayor Faulconer and others may not have expected to happen what has happened since the Chargers bolted for L-A.

With the Chargers no longer going to be waging battles on their home turf in San Diego, something else had to fill that void. So now we have a classic political battle going on.

And today’s meeting at City Hall will turn out to be a key moment in this battle that involves our politicians, our local developers, our local tourism and hotel industry, our local and largest university and our local soccer lovers.

The decision at City Hall could determine what ultimately happens at the convention center and to the homeless downtown and what happens to the site of the Chargers old home at Qualcomm stadium and what happens to plans for expansion of San Diego State in Mission Valley.  So it is clearly an important decision.

And every player in this contest has been working hard toward the decision they each think is best for the city’s future.

We are now in the post Chargers era of San Diego’s history and just like so many of those games through the years, there were wins and there were losses, and in recent years, too many losses.

For all of us who live here, the hope is that the decision at City Hall turns out to be a win for all of San Diego.

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