Is There a New Normal?

Multiple Injuries Reported From Shooting At Field Used For Congressional Baseball Practice

When you hear about someone opening fire on a baseball field with members of Congress, staffers and their families around in a quiet suburban neighborhood, it may make you want to say, what is going on?

And wonder if anywhere is safe anymore?  And wonder if this is the new normal.

There have been shootings at movie theaters, nightclubs and schools and we’ve seen what has happened in tourist areas in Europe.

Whatever the motive of the shooter in suburban Virginia may have had and whether a shooting is an international terrorist attack, a domestic terrorist act, or just some mentally ill person, the feelings we experience are similar.

They are feelings of worry, about our safety and the safety of the world in which we live.

But in each tragic case, there are also stories of heroism and compassion with people helping people when things like this happen.  And after things like this happen.

And you hope that in each incident, at least something good can come out of it.

But what is certainly important when anything like this happens, is that we do not accept it as a new normal.  It is not normal.  And to think so will only make it more difficult to do something about it.  And that is what we should be thinking more about.

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