Are You Ready for San Diego's Summer?

Wildfire Forces Evacuation Of Thousands In San Diego Area

You knew it was coming.  And now it’s here.

After weeks of May gray and June gloom, the heat of summer has arrived.

Temperatures into the mid 90’s our inland areas. Excessive heat advisories for our deserts.  And warm enough but still cool enough along the coast to expect a lot of families to bring dad out to our beaches this Father’s Day weekend.

Last June was unusual with unusually hot weather for a month not known for a lot of hot weather.

But this heat wave now is a sign of what is probably to come later this summer, some heat waves but not a heat wave all the time.

And that’s the good thing about our weather compared to nearby areas of the southwestern U.S. like Phoenix, Las Vegas and even other areas of Southern California. 

San Diego weather may be hot at times during the summer but not all the time.

It was just a year ago we weren’t sure if the drought was going to be over.  But a record setting winter of rain took care of that and so now we are back to normal, that is until the next drought.

But as we get ready for waves of heat from time to time this summer, we must also prepare for possible wildfires.  We will have some, but firefighters are ready and with the way they launch all out assaults on even small fires, they know how to keep them from becoming huge fires.

But they can’t do it alone and that’s why the county’s Ready San Diego crew is getting out the word again to make sure the property around your home is free of the vegetation and brush that can make fires worse.

If we all do our part…it may still be a hot summer, but it doesn’t have to be a destructive one.

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