POLL: How to Solve San Diego Homeless Problem


Driving along the 5 freeway through the downtown area the other day and one of the grandsons asks about all those tents lined up across one of the overpasses above us.   He wondered if there was a campout going on.

Of course, it wasn’t the kind of campout he may have been imagining.  What it was is stark sign of the homeless problem in San Diego.

According to new numbers compiled by the Union Tribune Data Watch, San Diego has had the greatest increase in homeless people over the last ten years than any other city in Southern California. And our city ranks among the top 15 in the country when it comes to increases in homeless with only six cities seeing a greater increase in the homeless than San Diego.

In an interview with the CEO of the Regional Task Force for the Homeless, it is clear that the homeless problem is a huge problem.  But then anyone who spends any time downtown knows that.

And while he says there are things that are starting to be done when it comes to affordable housing, the homeless problem in San Diego remains a big problem.

And of course when you have a big problem you need some big solutions.

If the mayor can get his hotel tax increase approved one day, some additional money will go to help the homeless problem, but only a small amount when it comes to solving the problem.

Those who work in agencies that help the homeless welcome any money they get from private or public sources.

But it’s probably going to take a lot more money and a larger commitment before San Diego is able to solve the homeless problem.

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