Special Program: Searching for Common Ground in a Divided Nation


Don't bring up politics! 

You've probably been in a social situation recently and have been asked not to share your opinion over fear of turning a fun gathering into an all out brawl. There's good reason. It's pretty hostile out there right now. 

Friends have been unfriending people on Facebook and in real life over political comments. Some people have lost their job over posts to social media. 

No matter what your politics, the discourse landscape is a minefield. 

What's going on?

Bob Sullivan hosts a special edition of KOGO at Night Monday at 7pm, Searching for Common Ground in a Divided Nation. 

We'll address topics including, How did we get here? Who's to blame? and the role of the media and social media. 

Guests include San Diego attorney and psychologist Dr. Bonny Forrest and behavioral expert and political analyst Dr. Wendy Patrick

You can be a part of the conversation, listen at AM600 or via the iHeart app then call us at 1 800 600 KOGO.  

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