The People Behind the Balls: Phil and Tiger


Let’s face it. A lot of people think watching golf on TV is boring.  But those who do like to watch golf on TV know what the people who don’t watch golf on TV don’t know.

And that’s the fact that while someone who watches golf on TV does like to see the great shots that are made and when a bad shot is made, It makes them feel good about their own golf game, the real reason why golf on TV draws fans is not because of theball or the clubs but more the people and their personalities.

And that’s why when a U.S. Open is played as it was this last weekend without a Phil Mickelson and without a Tiger Woods, it’s not as enjoyable to watch.

Phil and Tiger have something in common beyond their ability to play great golf.   It’s who they are and what they do off the course that makes them interesting.

Almost everybody loves Phil, even when he chooses not to play in the Open this year because he wanted to be there for his daughter’s graduation.  And in fact, Phil fans probably liked him more because of that.

As for Tiger, a lot of people don’t like him.  Especially after all that happened with his marriage. But they still have always liked watching him play golf.

And maybe with Tiger tweeting this week that he is getting professional help now for how to handle his medications for pain that led to his arrest recently after being unable to drive in the middle of the night, he will be back.  He will never be a Phil Mickelson and he will never be as good a golfer as he once was, but he can be a better person. 

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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