POLL: What Makes Most Sense for Mission Valley?

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So now the real game begins.  With the Soccer City proposal as is for Mission Valley on life support, it means all players are back in the game.

It’s a political game that is about to be played now that the city council has pushed the Soccer City plan till November of 2018 for voters to consider.

The developers say there may still be a way to get their citizens initiative to the voters at a special election this November, in time they say for the city to have a chance to get a professional soccer team and a soccer stadium.

But the political numbers are against that with no signs there are anywhere near enough of the council members who are willing to switch their votes.

So that gives other players in the community with the chance now to step forward and maybe come up with a plan that can get approval at city hall.

The most important player is San Diego State that needs a place for Aztec football with the stadium  formally known as Qualcomm stadium destined for demolition at some point in the not too distant future with the city having  no interest in paying 12 million dollars a year to keep it open without a plan to replace it.

While a lot of people like soccer and would like to have an MLS team in town, a lot more people are affected by the largest Cal State school campus being here in San Diego with the thousands of graduates who get jobs here and the millions of dollars SDSU means to the local economy.

So if you think about what would make the most sense as to what should happen to the stadium site in Mission Valley, which is just a long football pass or two away on the trolley from the SDSU campus, it would have to be some kind of deal being worked out for an Aztec football stadium and maybe for soccer too…along with some housing and offices for the university and some space for shops and restaurants for everybody. 

But then…what makes the most sense doesn’t always guarantee that it will happen.

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