Help Needed in the War Against Neighborhood Terrorists

An Evil Gopher  Getty Images

It’s officially summer now.  The kids are out of school and vacation time is here.  The drought is over. The lawn is green again.

But it’s not all good news.  The gophers are back. Yes those bothersome little creatures that can quickly turn a nice green summer lawn into something that looks like a pasture of cow dung.

Yes once again, it is the gopher tribulation.  And that means it’s time for the hole-y war against it.

A trip to Home Depot  to re-supply the arsenal of weapons and the battle is underway.

Past battles give you hope and faith that you can win the war again, just like you did last time.

But it may take a few battles to do it.  There are battle tactics and weaponry you’ve used before.  Some of them your underground enemy hiding in their gopher holes will have developed defense systems against.

But you know there are weapons available in your expanding arsenal they haven’t seen before.  At least on the land they now occupy.

And while you know there will be some battles you lose.  And while you know there will be some disappointments on those mornings when you emerge from your sleep, when your enemy has emerged from his hole, again.

But you also know this war will be won.  You know it and the gophers know it.

But fighting the war may take learning new battlefield strategies so you send out urgent messages to your allies in your neighborhood and to your fellow defenders everywhere that you need their help in knowing which weapon system will be most effective against these burrowing lawn terrorists.

Please leave your suggestions below. 

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