What San Diego Does Very Well

Thousands Head To The Beaches For 4th Of July Weekend

They were just three events.  But they also serve as three reasons why San Diego may still be America’s Finest City in spite of the politics and in spite of issues like the high cost of housing, a growing homeless population on our streets and a shortage of cops.

The three events all took place over one long July 4th holiday weekend .

The San Diego County Fair coming to an end with near record crowds.

San Diego beaches filled from the water to the boardwalk with almost 600-thousand people, many of them tourists.

And then there was the event that has become the largest fireworks display along the West Coast, with hundreds of  thousands of people gathered around San Diego Bay from downtown to Pt Loma.

And except for the expected problems with traffic that come with huge crowds, there was very little trouble reported.

The worst thing that happened during the run of the fair was a bronze Humpty Dumpty that was stolen, recovered and re-united with its owner on the last day of the fair.

When you think about it, with all those people all over the beaches, all over the fairgrounds and all around the Bay, and then throw in the Zoo, Seaworld and Legoland, there were well over one million over a couple of days, and no major problems. Try to find another big city as big as San Diego that can pull that off.

San Diego, which was the top destination the July 4th weekend for out of towners in Southern California and Arizona, knows how to handle big crowds and gobs of tourists.

We may have some problems, but that’s not one of them.

(Photo 10News)

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