POLL: Why to be Thankful When You're Stuck in Traffic

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The big traffic backup on the 15 freeway this week that had thousands of drivers inching along for several hours is a reminder of how fortunate we are in San Diego.

Now before you start wondering why we should consider ourselves lucky when it comes to traffic in San Diego, we’re nowhere near as bad as a lot of other cities.

A report that came out just four months ago showed that San Diego ranks 47th on the list of most congested cities in the world.  Among U.S cities, San Diego ranks 15th in bad traffic. 

And considering that we are the 7th largest city in the country, being ranked 15th in traffic isn’t that bad.

Not surprisingly, Los Angeles was #1 when it comes to bad traffic.  But you probably know that.  When most people think L-A they think of traffic.

New York was 2nd worst for traffic and San Francisco was 3rd.  So again not bad.  San Diego is way better when it comes to waiting in traffic than our neighbors to the north.

The survey showed that in San Diego, we waste an average of 46 hours a year stuck in traffic.  In L-A, more than twice that, 104 hours and in San Francisco they waste 83 hours a year stuck in traffic.

Now when you are sitting in those big traffic jams, you’re not thinking about how lucky are because it is worse elsewhere.

But we all do know that how we deal with stress is the key to getting through it.

That’s why it’s good to know that even when you’re stuck in traffic here, you spend less time in it here than you would in a lot of other places because you get to live in San Diego.

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