San Diego Speaks: The Homeless Crisis

Homeless in San Diego

We’re dedicating all three hours (3-6pm) of The DeMaio Report on Thursday July 13th to discuss the issue of homelessness, a problem that most people can agree has reached crisis level in San Diego County. 

Carl will talk about what’s happening on the streets and find out from the people on the front line, what’s in the works to solve the problem. The County and City of San Diego have recently appointed people who are being tasked with developing ways to get people off the streets.  Will their plans work? Where do the non profit organizations come into play? What about the rights of the homeless? 

DeMaio Report listeners can be a part of the process and give their input during the town hall, either in person or by calling in with their ideas.  If you would like to attend this SAN DIEGO SPEAKS event, send an email to: by July 12 at 3pm and include your first/last name and number of guests.

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