WATCH: How Road Trips Can Lead to a Better Life

Sedona Arizona  CE Albert

Still planning a summer vacation with the family?  More Americans are going on road trips than they were when gas prices were so high and it wasn’t that long ago that gas prices were so high.

But now with the price for gas even in California being down, more people are taking driving vacations this summer.

It’s easy to find prices now below 3-dollars a gallon in California.  And gas prices are lower in nearby states and even lower in a lot of other states.

With gas prices where they are and smart choices available when it comes to hotels, a road trip can be cheaper and less of a headache than having to buy expensive summer airline tickets for the whole family and at times, the hassles of security lines and flight delays.

Of course putting the kids in the car or SUV and heading out on a family road trip means making sure you’re prepared and know how to reduce hearing from the back seat, “are we there yet?”

But with tablets, smartphones, iPads and video monitors, spending family time on the road for the kids is not the boring time it may have once been.

And with the busy life and the rat race that so many of us put ourselves into when we’re working, family time is important time.

In fact, family time is your most important time. But with the 24/7 connected email and text filled work world in which we live, spending more time with family can be at risk at times.

Take it from a baby boomer who has learned the hard way that striving for success and stuff in your job is a lot less important than striving for success and satisfaction at home. 

ENJOY VIDEOS BELOW:  The first shows you a top 10 list of the best road trips in the world! The #1 road trip in this list is very close to home.  In the second video, see what to do and what not to do on your road trip.  

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