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If you’re having your morning cup of coffee, the latest news about coffee is worth paying attention to.  Two big new studies are out this week that say drinking coffee helps you live longer.

Got your attention?  Thought so.

While there have been studies before showing some benefit from coffee, these new studies examined the health histories of hundreds of thousands of people who were tracked for years.

And the results from all those hundreds of thousands of people showed that coffee drinking significantly reduced the risk of diseases and it didn’t matter if it was regular or decaffeinated.  And the studies showed those who drank more coffee than those who drank less experienced greater health benefits.

The researchers found that those who drink just one cup of coffee a day had a 12 percent lower risk of death from heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, respiratory and kidney disease. For those drinking 3 cups a day, the risk reduction rose to 18 percent.

But despite the health benefits from coffee in these studies, they’re not sure what it is in coffee that does what it does.

The coffee tree is believed to have been first grown and discovered in Ethiopia more than a thousand years ago with the beans originally eaten for energy before the art of brewing the coffee beans began.

Now while coffee lovers may want to think that what they drink every day is a fountain of youth in a cup, common sense tells us that coffee alone doesn’t mean you can live forever or anywhere near close to it.

Obviously, all the other things we eat and drink along with our genes play a role in how healthy we are.

But if you’re a coffee lover, at least it’s good to know what you love is something you can keep on loving.

CLICK HERE for European study. 

CLICK HERE for U.S. study.

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