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No one likes to talk about the subject during the biggest tourism week of the year in San Diego.  We’ve got hundreds of thousands of people in town over the next week or so for Pride Weekend this weekend and the Comic Con in a few days through next weekend.

Whatever problems San Diego has are problems we want to go away when that many people and that much tourist money is coming into our community.

But the people who are in the middle of this problem talked about it this week during an on air town hall meeting on the DeMaio Report here on KOGO.

It’s the homeless problem.  And while a lot of people don’t want to talk about it with all the events going on, the people who are visiting will see it and those of us who live here know it’s a problem that needs some solutions.

We were reminded of it this week with the news about the hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego, with many of the victims being people living on the streets, making our city one of the worst in the country.

Having heard from someone during our town hall who is right in the thick of the problem every day, the San Diego Police officer who knows a lot about the homeless problem, there is something that should resonate with everyone concerned about it.

The answer he said is not about taking homeless off the street but creating a place where they can go.  A place where they can get the help they need and the safe and healthy environment they need.   It will take money and it will take a commitment.  But that’s how San Diego will become a better city than it is for tourists and the people who live here.

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