POLL: The Problem With San Diego's Housing Affordability Problem

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There is story after story now it seems about Californians leaving California for states where you can buy homes for a lot less than you can here.

The latest surveys confirm the housing affordability problem in San Diego with the average price above 500-thousand dollars.

And in addition to the high cost of housing, there are also is a low supply especially in the lower income most affordable category.

Just last week, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and the San Diego Real Estate Association issued a report that said San Diego has only 50 percent of the housing it needs to sustain growth.

And of course increased regulation and the cost of that for builders make it less attractive for them to build homes and it also drives up home prices.

A suggestion in the Union Tribune the other day warns of a time when the people who move to San Diego to take a higher paying job may not make enough money to afford a home.

And that means fewer people moving here while more people are leaving here.

That’s not good for San Diego because in an area whose economy is driven by tourism, bio-tech and hi-tech, people are capital, and their skills, talents and contributions help make it a better community.

And that’s why there are states that seek out Californians, trying to convince them to move to places like Texas, Nevada and elsewhere, where things are cheaper.

Enough affordable housing is not an easy problem to solve, but San Diego has to find a way to solve it.

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