VIDEO: Why the Padres Help San Diego Stay Classy

Padres Game Petco Park  C. Albert

San Diego is a lot of great things but it will probably never be compared to other cities when it comes to being a great professional sports town.

Most of that has to do with the so many people who live here not growing up here.  If you grew up in Chicago or Philadelphia or Boston, you know what a sports town is like.  Just listen to the sounds from the stands at Petco Park when they Mets and Cubs have been in town this season.

San Diego has come alive as a sports town when our teams have won.  But this year has been an especially difficult year for local sports fans.

The Padres are in a re-building year and have traded off some of their best performers for prospects.  At least the expectations were not great about how the team would do, and actually have done better so far than most fans thought they would.

But we could still be 2 or 3 years away from a chance to make it to the World Series again.  The Padres have done that a couple of times.

And this summer being the first one since the Chargers abandoned San Diego for the perceived glamour and riches of L-A, there’s not a lot of talk about the NFL and there probably won’t be unless it’s the talk among still heartbroken and angry Charger fans hoping they lose.

And while there’s still a lot of talk about getting a Major League Soccer team in San Diego, until a vote is held late next year, it’s all still just talk.

The good news as we get into late summer for San Diego sports fans is the fact that what is the best Aztec football team in several decades begins its season in about a month or so with hopes of yet another championship and another bowl game.

San Diego may only have the Padres when it comes to major professional sports teams, but with the Padres at least we have next year.  We can’t say that any more about that NFL team that decided San Diego wasn’t good enough for them.

And the owners of the Padres have shown they are very different from the owners of the Chargers, They care about San Diego and have shown it by being involved in the community like the Chargers never were.  The Padres have class and we all know how important it is to "stay classy San Diego." 

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