POLL: The Question for Chargers Fans

Remember the San Diego Chargers?

A year ago there was still a lot of hope among fans that the NFL team that had been here for 55 years would not actually leave.  But leave they did for L-A. A few months later when owner Dean Spanos made the announcement.

Fans were mad and sad. And according to that new Union Tribune-10News poll of hundreds of Charger fans, they are still sad and still very mad.

When asked if they would be rooting for the now L-A Chargers to win, only a little over one third of fans said yes, with another third saying “no way” and another third saying they weren’t sure.

And when asked if they are still Charger fans despite the team abandoning San Diego, almost half said no, with a just little over a third saying yes they were still Charger fans.

It’s unlikely the owner of the Chargers will care much about this new poll about them losing lots of fans in San Diego.  He has enough of a challenge ahead of him trying to win over fans in L-A.

It will not be easy winning over fans in a city that survived for 20 years without any NFL team and now has two…the former San Diego Chargers and the former St Louis Rams.

And while some still-Charger fans may drive up to L-A to watch the team and may still spend money on Charger souvenirs, this new poll shows that for most now former Charger fans or still undecided fans, life will go on.

And life in San Diego sure beats life in L-A.

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