San Diego Man Seriously Injured in LA crash

A San Diego man is being called a hero, but also was seriously injured after an out of control van smashed into a Los Angeles restaurant Sunday.  Witnesses say they were eating at The Fish Spot in the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood when a van jumped the curb and careened into a group of people outside.  

The vehicle knocked down a white picket fence that served as a barrier between diners and pedestrians on the sidewalk.  Eight people were hurt, and among them, a San Diego father, who was able to push his daughter out of the way as the van came barreling toward them.  He sustained major injuries, and has not been identified yet.

The driver of the van was arrested.  Police say a preliminary investigation indicates the driver ran a red light and collided with another car. The impact of the crash caused the van to run off the road and onto the sidewalk.The driver came out of the van and appeared disoriented, but then jumped back into the van, trying to drive away.  Witnesses were able to hold him until authorities arrived at the scene.


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