Hall of Blame Weekend in San Diego

LaDainian Tomlinson Getty Images

Imagine what this weekend might have been like.  Before the owner of the Chargers turned his back on San Diego for the city we hate to the north of us.

This weekend is National Football League Hall of Fame weekend when the newest players to be honored are officially inducted in Canton Ohio.

And this weekend one of the all-time most popular members of what were the San Diego Chargers is one of those being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

L-T, LaDainian Tomlinson. One of the best players ever to play for the team that used to be known as the San Diego Chargers.

Had the team not bolted for L-A early this year, had the Chargers remained and were still the San Diego Chargers, this would be a big sports weekend in San Diego.

There would have been a gathering at what used to be called Qualcomm Stadium organized by the team that used to be called the San Diego Chargers.  And there would have been thousands of fans of the team that used to be San Diego’s team there watching the live video on the scoreboard as L-T is inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this weekend.

But all of that will not happen this weekend in San Diego.  It’s not the good ole days any more when most sports fans in San Diego are talking all about the Chargers as the season draws near.

And while LaDainian Tomlinson was well loved by fans back then, their love has faded for him and the team that used to be known as the San Diego Chargers.

So as Charger fans in San Diego who are still unhappy and even angry think about what this NFL Hall of Fame weekend could have been like, they’ll also be thinking about the owner of the now L-A Chargers who they’ve already put into their "Hall of Blame".

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