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Homeless in San Diego 10News

Homeless in San Diego 10News

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They were two very different groups of people, involved in different ways in the same problem.

The homeless problem in San Diego.

The homeless problem hit home over the weekend during the news coverage of what was billed as the first Short Walk for the Homeless.

Some 400 people getting up early one morning to walk to bring awareness and to help raise funds to help the homeless.

And then were the scenes in some of the news coverage of the other people involved in the homeless problem…the homeless.

Once again, views shown on TV of dozens and dozens of tents and lean-to’s and cardboard boxes filling some blocks along streets in and around the East Village.

Once again, the views in the news of the sad and disturbing sites of what is happening in the City of San Diego’s downtown and nearby areas. If you didn’t know it was the city we still refer to as America’s finest, you might think you were looking at streets you’d see in third world countries.

Organizers of the weekend homeless walk from Father Joe’s Villages say San Diego now has the fourth worst homeless problem in America.

In the Union Tribune this weekend, there were commentaries and comments about the homeless problem in San Diego. Some saying progress is being made.  Others saying nowhere near enough progress is being made.

It’s pretty easy to see how bad the problem has become.  All you have to do is take a drive through some of the areas near downtown that have become homeless encampments.

It has been described as an economic and moral emergency.  And now city leaders are being called on to treat it that way.

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