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Maybe it’s time to stop talking about it.  To stop talking politics with friends.

It’s always been a subject people avoid because people disagree and when people disagree, there can be disagreements. And even become disagreeable.

Long before Donald Trump became president, the topic of politics was taboo for a lot of people.

But since Donald Trump has become president, political discussions seem to be more often become arguments and not discussions.

We’ve all seen the stories about the impact of it, from un-friendings on Facebook to just plain un-friending.

At the very least the division among people over Donald Trump as President has led to more tension when politics is discussed.

Enough tension that forces parents to turn off the TV or radio at times because of all the arguing going on.  It can become inappropriate except for mature adults.

But then as adults we have to ask ourselves about maturity when it comes to talking, discussing and arguing about politics today.

Sure it’s easy to get worked up. Politics for a lot of people, politics can become a religion.  Deeply felt and deeply believed. And as human beings, when we’re challenged about something we deeply believe in, most people don’t like it.

And that’s why the words our leaders say matters, all leaders. And why how we talk about politics is probably more important than what we say about it.

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Arguing Over Politics

Arguing Over Politics

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