Aztecs Battle a Different Kind of Opponent: Chicken Pox

Who would have thought that some of the biggest news to come out of the pre-season for the San Diego State Aztec football team would be about chicken pox?

At least five players have contracted the disease and more could despite efforts to disinfect  locker rooms and other facilities among sports teams at the university.

At least one Aztec football practice has had to be cancelled by head coach Rocky Long in an effort to stop the spread of the chicken pox.  And the players who have contracted it could be out for a couple of weeks.

San Diego State issued a statement saying they were working with the county health department and the school’s health services to make sure the chicken pox doesn’t spread to the general student population. 

University policy requires students to have certain vaccinations but chicken pox is only recommended.

But maybe the good news in all of this news about the Aztecs is that it will get the attention of parents, about the importance of making sure their kids and teens get the vaccinations they need. 

Especially with a new report that coincidentally came out just the other day that said child vaccination rates statewide in California are down.

That’s the kind of news that needs to get out.

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San Diego State Aztec football

San Diego State Aztec football

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