POLL: A Solar Eclipse Science Lesson for America

Total Solar Eclipse August 21 2017

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You hear a lot of talk at times about American school kids not interested in science, with reports of other countries having more kids to end up studying science in college and becoming scientists.

Well, getting kids interested in science is not going to be a problem today and a lot of kids are doing it outside the classroom.

When you have a scientific event like a total solar eclipse, there’s no problem getting kids to pay attention in science class today.

In the 70 mile wide path from Oregon to South Carolina where the sun will be completely covered by the moon, a lot of schools are staging special science learning events and teachers have been stocking up on the safe eclipse viewing glasses that have been in short supply.

Today is a day teachers have a ready-made science lesson and it’s no experiment in a classroom, it’s a real thing. 

These kids who experience it today will certainly remember this science lesson.

And educators and leaders and employers in the science fields are hoping that the experience of witnessing a total solar eclipse, the likes of which has not happened across the U.S. in nearly 100 years, will lead to more students interested in science and more college grads making it their major and more scientists working in a field that is vital to brightening our country’s future. Maybe that’s why they call it the "Great American Eclipse".



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