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USS John S. McCain  Getty Images

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Everyone is asking the same questions.

How could this happen?  And how could it happen several times?  And what is going on in the Navy?

Everyone wants to know the answers to those questions, especially all those who serve in the Navy and of course their families.

The crashes and accidents involving four Navy warships since January have a lot of people wondering what’s going on.  And nowhere are there more people wondering than right here in San Diego, the principal homeport of the Pacific Fleet.

More than two dozen sailors have died or have been injured in these accidents.

And the questions that are hard to answer are why these accidents and crashes have happened, especially over a matter of just a few months.

Our Navy warships have the most modern technology and redundant backup systems and crews that are trained and serve in clearly the most powerful and respected naval force in literally the history of the world.

And yet these tragic mishaps have happened.  The rare nature of what has happened has prompted conspiracy theorists to even wonder if there is something more sinister involved possibly than just technical, operational or human breakdowns.

The Navy is doing the right thing in ordering an operational stand down to review things and to fire the senior admiral in command of the ships.

And at a time like this, with military threats to the U-S growing around the world, the Navy in its investigation and in its actions, cannot forget  the Navy’s own motto: “Not for self but for country.”

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