The Faces of Texas as Battle Against Storm Continues

Houston flooding Hurricane Harvey Aug 2017

The monster storm in Texas is not over yet but the scenes from the Houston area are telling a story that is unlike anything that even the National Weather Service says has never happened before in modern times.

They now say Hurricane-Now-tropical storm Harvey has caused the most rain to fall in one place in one continuous stretch of time ever in the U-S for as far back as they have records of storms.

And all you have to do is to look at the faces of people to know what this storm is all about.

As thousands of people are rescued from rooftops and cars, or stranded in near neck high water or trapped in attics or bathrooms, there are the faces of people who are frightened or weary or in shock.

There are faces of people in their 80’s and 90’s surrounded by water inside their nursing home staring blankly in front of them waiting and for rescuers. (see photos below)

There are the scenes of babies held high in the arms of their parents who are wading thru flood waters.  There are other children in strollers and boxes and crates covered with raincoats or plastic bags in an effort to keep them dry.

And there are the faces of teens and adults who look stunned and scared as they climb into boats or are forced to tie themselves onto long ropes to make sure that none of them disappears into the flooded waters.

And then there are the scenes of volunteers from everywhere who have come to help others who are suffering.  The brave people like that group of Louisianans dubbed the Cajun Navy who remember what Hurricane Katrina did to their state years ago.  Risking their own lives to save the lives of others.

This monster storm will end..and will one day be something that school kids read about.  And the stories they read should be less about the size of a storm and more about the strength and character of people in a place called Texas.

(Photo credit Getty Images)



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