The Weird Weather in San Diego

San Diego Sunset Getty Images

Everyone was talking about how weird it was.

The one thing we come to count on living in San Diego, is that even if it gets up to 100 degrees during the day, it cools down at night, right?

But not this past weekend from Saturday night into Sunday morning.

I mean come on. 90 degrees at 4 o’clock in the morning?  That has to be fake news, right?

I mean this is San Diego, with America’s finest weather. A place people move to because of the weather.

How rare was what happened?

Most of the meteorologists with the National Weather Service said they’d never seen it before, ever.  One of the forecasters said he’s seen it before.  Once.

If you were one of those who checks the outside temperature on your phone overnight hoping to open the windows and turn off the A-C, you probably thought you were dreaming and couldn’t believe that it was 90 degrees at 4 a.m.

And if you were one of those who doesn’t have A-C and you keep the windows open and you depend on cooler air overnight, you probably didn’t have any dream at all because it was still so hot you couldn’t sleep.

And if you were in the crowd at the stadium for the Aztec football game and Sky Show, where it usually cools down at night, it heated up and it wasn’t from the fireworks.

In fact, Aztec football play by play guy Ted Leitner complained that it was the hottest day in his 40 years in San Diego.

Yes the weather has been strange lately with it feeling more like Phoenix for several days and then when the humidity from that big storm down in Mexico arrived, it felt more like Miami.

But it could be worse. We could be living somewhere else.



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