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Immigration.  Just mention the word and people start splitting. There are those on the far right. There are those on the far left.  And there are those at different places somewhere in the vast middle.

What to do about illegal immigration and fixing legal immigration laws, which is something that everyone seems to agree is needed, have been debated for decades without a solution.

Every recent president talks about doing it, but so far no president has got it done. 

President Obama, while praised by some for signing the order that began the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA program are the same people who strongly criticized him for deporting more people than President Bush before him and for not working with an all Democratic Congress early in his time in the White House to get a comprehensive immigration bill passed.

President Trump while praised by some for saying he wanted to fix secure the border and fix the broken immigration system are the same people who are not happy because he’s not been able to get his wall and for passing the buck to a Republican controlled Congress to solve the immigration problem but not telling them what he would sign.

It won’t be easy to get anything done no matter who the president is because immigration has become such a divisive topic.

Kind of ironic that in a country founded by immigrants we can’t find a solution to the immigration problem.

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