Solving San Diego's Biggest Problem

Homeless downtown San Diego 10News

Talk to the people from organizations that help the homeless in San Diego and you hear it.  The passion they have to do what they can to help homeless people better themselves one person at a time.

From Father Joe’s Villages, to the Alpha Project to the churches and synagogues in the Interfaith Shelter Network in San Diego, all these people care and care deeply about the homeless.

And there are other organizations and individuals who do the same, all of them trying to help a homeless person with their medical, mental and spiritual needs.

And all of these people and organizations work to get homeless people jobs and places to live and to help them turn around their lives.

And then there are the people who run the hotels, the restaurants and the shops downtown and all thousands of people who live and work downtown who are impacted by this biggest problem in San Diego right now.

And now with a major Hepatitis A outbreak in downtown and in the East Village, residents, tourists and those who go to Padre games at Petco Park or visit the downtown library or work and play downtown are told to wash their hands in case they touch anything or step in anything that could make them vulnerable to getting Hepatitis A which hundreds of people have and some have died.

And while those who have gotten it are mostly those who are homeless, there are some who are not.

It took an official county health emergency to get the city to wash affected and infected streets and sidewalks. 

And now the City Council is about to discuss ways to end the crisis that exists in San Diego when it comes to the homeless.  Action is long overdue.

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