Why Water Mains Break and What to Do About It

Water Main Break Closes I-8 Sept. 14, 2017

You hear a lot of local and national politicians talk about infrastructure and about how it needs to be improved and how they are going to do something about it.

From local towns to state capitals to Washington D.C. they talk about the need to fix streets, highways and bridges, sewer lines and water mains.

Ah yes, water mains.  This week, because of a water main that broke along a San Diego major freeway, we were reminded once again what happens when some of that infrastructure breaks down.

It disrupted thousands of commuters schedules and even safety for a time, as well as causing big problems for businesses and hotels right in the middle of one of the most popular areas of town where tourists and visitors to our city stay.

The water mains in San Diego and in many cities are very old and need to be replaced.

Add to that piece of the infrastructure, all the streets and roads that are in bad shape and need to be repaved and the bridges and sidewalks that need attention, you get the idea of how much infrastructure affects our lives, every day.

The city of San Diego has added more money to infrastructure improvements in recent years, but it’s a small drop in a very huge bucket of needs.

And in the nation’s capital, they talk about doing a lot of things like health care and tax reform and yes, infrastructure.  But it’s always more talk than action because of course politics always seems to get in the way.

 Something to think about on your drive to work.  Just watch out for those potholes and any gushing water



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