VIDEO: Why We Are Asking What Is Going On?

Mexico Earthquake September 2017 Getty Images

Watch video below of when quake happened

Maybe you've heard people saying it. In fact maybe you've said it yourself. It goes something like this. What is going on? And what does it mean?

Of course it's not surprising that people are asking such things.

Two unprecedented monster hurricanes in two weeks with the most rain ever in the U.S. from a single storm along with a 500 year flood in Texas. And in Florida damage to virtually every part of the state for the first time in modern history.

And then two deadly earthquakes within days in Mexico and this summer, a series of large wildfires in the Northwest we haven't seen in years.

And of course it was just one month ago today that the first total solar eclipse in 99 years that spanned the U.S. from the west coast to the east coast.

And then add to the first time since the Cold War that we have some dictator making threats to use nuclear weapons.

There was even a self-proclaimed prophet the other day predicting that the Earth was on a collision course with some distant Planet X spinning out of control.  NASA dismissed it as nonsense saying if anything like that was happen, they would have known about it years ago.

So with all of this going on, it's not surprising that some people are asking questions like what is going on?  No one knows if any of this means anything at all. Even Jesus said no one knows the day or hour. And scientists say there have been spikes in natural disasters from time to time in the past.

But maybe all of this will get us to think more about the most important things in life and how things like this can bring us together as people instead of splitting us part.



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