The Argument About Arguing

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Does it seem like there’s more arguing going on these days?

Turn on cable news channels and they’re all filled with panels of people from different viewpoints arguing with one another.  They argue about health care, they argue about climate change, they argue over the rich and the poor, they argue about race and of course they argue about Donald Trump and they still argue about Hillary Clinton.

And of course you also hear it on the radio talk shows.  Talk radio has always been a place where people of different views can sound off and disagree.  But it seems like more arguing is going on too.

And it’s not only on TV and radio that you hear this arguing going on.

You hear it at times among co-workers, when taking a break at coffee shops or having dinner with friends and of course at times at family gatherings.

And then there’s all the arguing on Facebook and Twitter and in all the comments posted after stories on news websites.  And social media is a place where it’s easier to argue because it’s not face to face and it can be anonymous if you want it to be.

Some of the arguing on social media can get nasty and it has led to a lot of users not only unfriending, but dropping off the grid.  

So why is there so much arguing going on? 

Some experts in psychology suggest that we argue with each other because we care about the people we argue with.  If we didn’t care about them, we wouldn’t argue with them.  But then there are others who say people argue because they care more about themselves.

No matter what the cause, maybe it’s time to find a way to reduce the arguing. But then there probably would be a lot of arguing about how to stop the arguing.

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