POLL: POTUS vs. NFL; Make Your Pick

NFL players national anthem protest

Make your political football pick below.

One of his autobiographers wrote about it.  Donald Trump’s dad told him you have to fight for everything to be a success. He was probably talking about business as opposed to politics.

But both the president’s strongest supporters and his loudest critics would probably agree that Trump seems to love to fight.

And now that he’s taken on the NFL over the national anthem, he is in another fight.  And people are wondering who will win this one.

Neither the President nor the NFL seems ready to back down or give in.  After all we’re talking about football here, one of the roughest sports played by people who smash and tackle other people for a living.

The president though clearly doesn’t seem to lack any desire himself to verbally smash down people.

And the two sides clearly disagree.  The president says kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful to what our country stands for.

NFL players, and the coaches and even some owners, who have locked arms in solidarity with them, say the freedom to protest is what our country stands for.

So what happens now?  With Thursday night football hours away and the schedule of Sunday NFL games this weekend and Monday Night football the next day, what will players do?  What will NFL coaches do and what will owners do?

The President, using his famous “you’re fired” TV reality show line, has shown no signs of giving up the fight with the NFL.  And neither do NFL players and coaches who are paid and trained to reach the end zone.

This outcome of this political football battle is going to be interesting to watch.

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