The Real Story Behind the Hurricanes

Hurricane relief aid Puerto Rico Getty Images

Have we ever seen so many natural disasters within such a short time?  It’s a question that has many answers. Because it depends on where you live.

If you live in areas where natural disasters have happened, then of course it’s a bigger disaster than for someone who doesn’t live there.

Just ask all the millions of people who live in Puerto Rico, or on the U.S. Virgin Islands or almost anywhere in Florida or in southeast Texas.

Some of the worst hurricanes on record devastated these areas, where you could say these natural disasters were un-naturally severe.

And whenever there is a natural disaster, the federal government is tested.  Remember Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey?

Well, now with these Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria causing leading to multiple natural disasters over a matter of a few weeks, the federal government’s emergency response system is being tested like maybe never before.

With millions of people without water, bathrooms, food or gas in parts of Puerto Rico and still millions of people in parts of Florida and parts of Texas who are still cleaning up damage from flood waters and 150 mile an hour winds.

It will take months and even years to fully recover from these horrific hurricanes.

So when the President says things are going great and when his top Homeland Security person says this is a good news story, the people in the middle of these disasters like the mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico who describes it as a “death story” don’t see things the same way.

What all these natural disasters amount to is a story about people needing help from the people who need to help them.

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