Could There Be a Presidential Smart Test?

Rex Tillerson and President Trump Getty Images

We all have met people who we think are really smart.  But how do you really determine if someone is really smart?

Usually a lot can be learned by what they have done.

Take for instance, Stefan Savage, the UC San Diego cybersecurity guru who figured out ways to stop email spammers. The Union Tribune reporting he’s just been awarded a MacArthur Fellowship, a coveted honor reserved for people whose work conveys a sense of genius. This 48 year old guy, who says he never answers the phone unless he knows the number, must be smart.

Or take Austin Rogers.  He’s the guy on the TV show Jeopardy, who has won almost a dozen games in a row, trouncing his competitors, and is not far from winning a half million dollars and could one day challenge all time champ Ken Jennings.  Jeopardy is a hard game that he makes look easy. He’s a bartender, but clearly a really smart one.

The organization known as Mensa is all about being smart.  Only people in the top 2 percent of IQ scores get into Mensa.  They are a lot of smart people who know a lot of about who’s really smart.

And that’s why Mensa sent an offer to the White House this week after the President tweeted that if he and his Secretary of State both took an IQ test, President Trump would do better than Rex Tillerson.  And on the campaign trail last year, the President actually talked about how smart he is.

So Mensa says they’d be pleased to give each of them the IQ test to find out.  The White House press secretary says Trump was just joking.  So don’t expect to see the Great Presidential IQ Test.  But it could make quite a reality TV show.

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