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With the guy who started the kneeling now filing suit against the NFL which follows President Trump’s twitter attacks against the NFL and the Vice President’s apparently planned walkout protest against the NFL, the issue of standing for the national anthem has gotten more coverage and attention than anything happening on the football field.

And the issue is expected to reach a sudden death like suspense this week when NFL owners meet to respond to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s strong suggestion that players should be made to stand for the national anthem saying…It is an important moment in our game. We want to honor our flag and our country, and our fans expect that of us.”

But what can we expect to happen?  Will NFL owners tell their players to get off their knees and stand up for the national anthem?  Will some players still decide not to stand as we saw again this last weekend?

And will the NFL owners fire players who refuse to stand?  And if they do, will the players sue?  And if they sue will they win? And if they lose, what happens to teams who won’t want to lose good players who help them win?

And if the NFL owners don’t order players to stand, how many fans will stand up and walk out and not come back?  And will the ratings and revenue fall?  And if they do will the NFL owners wish that the whole mess would just go away? 

That last question is easy.  Yes, the NFL owners wish the whole thing would go away.  And probably most fans would wish the same thing. And both would wish that politics stay out of football and let the games go on without all the controversy.

But these days everyone knows that’s not going to happen because these days it seems politics has gotten into pretty much everything.

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