Get Ready for an Earthquake This Week

Julian 3.2 quake Oct 17 2017

Did you feel it?  If you live in the Julian area or maybe in the East County or the foothills of the county, you may have felt it.  A small earthquake as earthquakes go.

But the 3.2 quake that hit about 5 o’clock this morning some a few miles northwest of Julian is a reminder of a different kind of quake that is coming.

This kind of quake is in fact scheduled even.  It will happen this Thursday morning exactly at 10:19am.

And we will even bring you live coverage of it on KOGO at that time.

But the quake this Thursday morning won’t cause any damage and won’t even be felt.

You see the quake this Thursday, October 19th is a simulated quake that only happens on the radio.  It’s the Great California Shakeout. 

It’s the chance we all get each year since it began in California in 2008, to practice for an earthquake.  Kind of a drill.

At 10:19 this Thursday morning you will hear on the radio a report of an earthquake happening. 

And more importantly what to do at that moment to practice what you would do when a real earthquake hits.  Knowing what to do and where to go when a real quake happens can save you from being hurt.

In schools, offices and government buildings all across the state, people will be listening and taking part in the Great California Shakeout practice drill this Thursday at 10:19am.  We hope you will too.

(Photo credit USGS) 



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