The Hashtag San Diego Loves and Hates

Chargers vs Denver Oct 22 2017

One of the most popular hashtags on Twitter this weekend was “beat LA”. 

The beat LA hashtag exploded moments after the Houston Astros beat the New York Yankees in Game 7 of the MLB American League Championship series.

Pretty much everybody was rooting for the Astros what with the city of Houston having gone through the flooding from Hurricane Harvey and many of the homes in the city still in ruins.  And with all the Yankee haters out there, the Astros winning pleased almost everyone.

But now they take on the hated Dodgers from L-A in the World Series and so the “beat LA” hashtag will be all over the place for the next week or so. 

Especially of course here in San Diego, where Padres fans hate L-A and where former San Diego Charger fans now hate L-A.

With the now Los Angeles Chargers on a mini winning streak, a lot of former San Diego Chargers fans who are not happy.  They’re the hate watching fans.  Maybe you’re one of them. 

You enjoy all the stories about the Chargers not being able to fill up even a puny soccer stadium they’re playing in.  You smile when you see how ignored the Chargers are in L-A.

You watch them but you watch them because you want to see them lose so owner Dean Spanos suffers for abandoning San Diego for L-A. 

But the loss of what was once your team is going to hurt even more if you were a Charger fan and after going to L-A and kicking you in the face, they play better there than they did here.

There is something really wrong about that.  You just have to hope the Astros defeat the Dodgers and the Chargers get back to doing what they did so well in recent years when they were in San Diego.  Lose.  But until then, it’s all about “hashtag beat L-A”.

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